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One of the key responsibilities of a company is to protect the human assets that make it up.

Within a safe working environment, it is necessary for the organisation to dedicate itself to building an open dialogue with its employees. This, in order to be absolutely sure that all business objectives are understood at all levels and that all our collective energy is used effectively.

Nutkao’s men and women are self-driven entrepreneurs, each in their own area of expertise. The Company must be sure to know the members of its family well: knowing what they do and how. What’s more, it must be able to align skills with the latest market trends and changes, guiding its people along specific professional paths.

We often talk about “multitasking”: once the level of quality required to cover a given position has been defined, in Nutkao we need to adopt a “multi-hearing” approach. Listening by asking the right questions.

Indeed, the ingredients that make up the best recipe are preparation, curiosity and a pinch of imagination.

Luca Ritondale – Group HR Manager

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