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Today, Nutkao is an International Contract Manufacturer whose mission is the creation and production of creams, spreads and chocolate on behalf of third parties, from the design to the end product on the shelf.

Nutkao S.r.l. was founded by Giuseppe Braida in 1982, with the ambition to produce private label creams, spreads and semi-finished products for the confectionery industry and for Retailers.

The company continued to grow and develop over the years, gaining international recognition as a reference point in the production of private label spreads. Nutkao’s constant presence in 80 countries around the world, growth in the United States – where the Battleboro (in North Carolina) plant represents the only production of its kind in the American market – and the integration with the production of cocoa derivatives from beans grown in Ghana, represent excellence in the management of the supply chain: from controlled natural raw materials, to a “gentle” production process, without the use of additives, safe from an industrial point of view, in order to maintain the organoleptic qualities of the high quality raw materials unchanged, while at the same time ensuring a hygienically-perfect food product. Over the years, in addition to the consolidated importance of hazelnut-based products, Nutkao also stands out in the market for the excellent quality of its semi-finished products for the confectionery industry: Organic creams, “Free From” products, Pistachio, Ice Cream Specialties, Bakery Specialties, Fillers, Liquid Chocolate and Chocolate Drops produced by us in Ghana.


Nutkao s.r.l.

The Group’s main production plant (consisting of over 15,000 covered square metres) is located in Canove di Govone (CN), in Italy’s Piedmont region. Built in 2001 and expanded in 2018, it is home to the Group’s General Management and the various production departments:
  • Computerised raw materials and packaging warehouse, equipped with RF technology;
  • Roasting and refining department (in cylinders); 
  • Chocolate and creams production department, with computerised production control;
  • Chocolate and creams conching department, with computerised production control;
  • Packaging department equipped with 13 lines to meet the needs of the Retail, Industry and Food Service channel;
  • Temperature-controlled automated finished product warehouse, equipped with RF technology.


The Battleboro plant (North Carolina) built in 2015 is a prime example of a modern production facility, boasting the latest and most recent technologies and compliant with the BRC and FDA standards.  The plant extends over a 9,000-square-metre area and includes:
  • Computerised raw materials and packaging warehouse, equipped with RF technology;
  • Roasting and refining department (in cylinders); 
  • Creams production department, with computerised production control;
  • Creams conching department, with computerised production control;
  • Production departments and packaging area, with computerised control of the entire production cycle;
  • Packaging department.



Afrotropic is a cocoa beans transformation plant in Ghana, between Accra and Tema. The company was bought by Nutkao Group in April 2018 and is one of the nine cocoa beans transformation plants present in Ghana. Ghana produces some of the highest-quality cocoa beans in the world, also recognised by their premium price on the market.  The plant produces: cocoa nibs, natural cocoa butter, deodorised cocoa butter, coca liquor and cocoa powder and it is fully integrated into the Nutkao Group industrial set-up.  The Afrotropic plant also produces for third parties, providing tolling capacity and flexibility. 

Thanks to an important and ambitious international expansion, today more than 50% of the Group’s revenues are generated on the international markets.

We supply our products to 80 countries, which support the characteristic “Made in Italy” quality of our creams.

We collaborate with over 400 customers to whom we provide exclusive and unique products, respecting their specific needs and local tastes.

The credibility of our quality, together with our impeccable service, meet the most demanding requirements of the Industry channel, of Retailers, of Private Brands and of the Food Service channel. Today, our consolidated and growing presence in the European markets supplied by the parent company based in Govone (in Italy’s Piedmont region), is complemented by Nutkao USA, our production plant located in North Carolina, confirming the excellent and continuous growth of our products on the American market (in particular in the USA and Canada), as well as by our processing plant in Ghana which, in part, allows vertical integration with our chocolate production, as well as the sale of semi-finished products.


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