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Production processes

Continuous investments in technology and production processes

Such as our new fully automated and air conditioned warehouse with 8,000 pallet spaces, the new Laboratory and Food Lab headquarters, production lines that make it possible to control allergens and special productions such as milk-free, eliminating the possible cross contamination between different production lines and batches. Raw materials and finished products are continuously tested and monitored. Chemical, physical, microbiological, organoleptic and hygienic-sanitary controls are carried out, to guarantee food safety, together with the organoleptic quality of all our products.
Maximum Compliance with the strictest international standards for both the European and American markets.

Packaging / Configurator

Our creams and chocolate are available in the formats best suited to the specific needs of the consumers and the type of processing for which they will be used. We create customised packaging that meets the needs of each and every one of our customers.  


Nutkao exports its products to more than 80 countries around the world.

Correct logistic management, relying on different carriers, allows us to be able to effectively manage delivery peaks in periods where there is strong seasonal demand of the products. The transport is often carried out using insulated vehicles, allowing us to maintain the correct temperature of the products, particularly over the summer period and to ensure the cold chain until delivery of the product.

Private Brand Development

The quality of Nutkao products supports many major industrial and commercial brands.

We collaborate with numerous and prestigious large-scale retailers and leading international brands operating in the food industry, both in Italy and abroad.

Nutkao, a reliable partner over time. We create and customise products for each of our customers, protecting them from reverse engineering.
We combine proven, long-standing experience in the transformation of ingredients, characterised by a high production capacity and organisational flexibility. Moreover, we are able to maintain control over the entire supply chain and to guarantee excellent and long-lasting organoleptic qualities, without the use of additives and preservatives, with certified and segregated raw materials.

The range of products for Private Label customers includes spreads, snacks, single-portions, creams and fillings in bulk for the pastry industry and products for the ice cream industry. The wide range of recipes and related certifications allow us to reach a wide target of customers, from those in search of a simple gourmet break, to those who pay attention to calories and are looking for a lighter, low-sugar or high-protein product.


Nutkao is one of the leading producers of spreads in the world.

The ideal production partner for Retailers who are looking for a product which, when it come to quality, is on par with the very best options available on the market.

Our process enables us to ensure a product of superior and constant quality. Our raw materials are carefully selected and we carry out all the different processing stages of raw hazelnuts and cocoa ourselves, in our factory in Ghana. 

Starting from the gentle roasting, to the pre-refining and refining processes in cylinders, the raw materials are transformed from their natural state of dried fruit to a hazelnut paste that releases the full range of aromatic and characteristic notes of the original nuts. All this, combined with the other ingredients, is immediately packaged in a safe environment and sent to our automated and air-conditioned warehouse, where a temperature of 12 °C is maintained year-round. The finished product is packaged in just 8 hours from the time we receive the raw hazelnuts, maintaining all the characteristics of the fresh product, always natural and uniform.

Professional Industry

Nutkao produces semi-finished spreads and chocolate products for industrial and handmade use. They are characterised by the high quality of the ingredients used and by the versatility in the ways they can be used.

Careful, scrupulous manufacturing produces spreads, fillings and chocolates suitable for any purpose.

Nutkao is equipped to supply both large and small industry with recipes prepared based on customers’ requirements. 


Semi-finished Product Industry on both an industrial and handmade scale. High quality ingredients and a special production process using fresh ingredients keeps the products’ true flavours.

Products range:

  • Cold and Oven-cooked Filling;
  • Pralines Filling;
  • Ice cream Line. 


Nutkao offers a wide range of chocolates that offer different possible uses, such as hollow moulds, coating pralines or baking.

Products Range: 

  • Dark;
  • Milk;
  • Gianduja;
  • White. 

Professional Gourmet

Nutkao has been operating in the Gourmet channel with a range of spreads and chocolates are able to meet the most demanding market requirements.

Over the years Nutkao has gained significant experience in the production of anhydrous spread and chocolate modelled on the private label and is today an extremely important industry player. Our production can meet the needs of small, medium and large organisations alike.