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Contract Manufacturer

The quality of the product is the engine that drives everything we do. This is precisely why when customers are looking for a different and distinctive product, they often turn to us. 

Nutkao has been a supplier to leading companies and retailers in the food sector in Europe for over 40 years. Today, thanks to the rapid expansion of the production capacity of Nutkao’s Italian plant, as well as our plant in North Carolina, combined with the transformation of cocoa beans in Ghana, the company efficiently and competitively covers all of Europe, up to the Baltic countries, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, together with the North, Central and South American markets. From product creation, to production, to logistics management, Nutkao offers customers a unique service in terms of quality and flexibility, complemented by a wealth of more than 1,000 individual recipes developed over the past few years, one by one. The Group’s financial strength, the important investments made year after year, the continuous growth, the stimulus we receive from important customers, as well as the drive towards innovation above and beyond what is currently available on the market, make Nutkao a reliable and confidential long-term partner, to build together whenever possible and to improve when needed.

Product Customisation

We protect each of our solutions through the creation of specific and exclusive recipes, each truly unique and distinctive.

Our mission is to create unique products, as distinctive as possible for each of the customers who turn to us and thus ensuring that our production is different and recognisable by consumers. We scrupulously look at every aspect of the product: ingredients, quality and selection of raw materials, recipe, definition of texture and viscosity parameters, definition of aromatic profiles, adaptation of the product to the reference markets, climatic conditions and local tastes, specific requirements concerning the transformation of the product at the customer’s site, packaging and logistics.

Promotional Campaigns

We organise personalised promotional campaigns for our customers. 

The product assortment is based on the customer’s choice of what to include, the type of display, as well as where and when to deliver them to the points of sale. Thanks to a rich catalogue of high-end products, we allow our customers to change the assortments during the year and to create targeted promotional campaigns (e.g. Free From, High Quality Top Selection, Made in, Seasonal Campaign, etc.). 

Logistics and Safety Stock

Thanks to an automated and air-conditioned warehouse with space for 8,000 pallets, we always ensure that the product is in optimal condition.

For organisations that require them, we manage shared safety stock programmes on their behalf, helping to ensure continuity of supply to handle peaks in demand or unexpected promotional campaigns. When entrusted to us, the transport of the products takes place using insulated and air conditioned vehicles, as needed.