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Our spreads, our creams and our chocolate are the result of an incurable curiosity that drives us to discover new tastes and new combinations of flavours.

Our efforts are focused on developing and creating quality products, which make those who eat them feel good, offering a unique sensory experience. To continue to impress and excite our customers, who always expect something new and original from us.

4 Pillars

Thanks to the continuous and tireless work carried out by our research and development team, we are able to propose and develop original recipes that can be adapted to create products suitable for different food style and profiles. From recipes characterised by a high protein content, to our continued commitment to studying recipes containing smaller and smaller quantities of sugar, the Nutkao Food Lab develops continuous alternatives to our classic spreads. 

Before the audits carried out by certifying bodies, it is we who closely monitor and scrutinise our end-to-end process: in our production plants we analyse, shell, husk, select, toast, process and package our products in a protected atmosphere.

The ability to mix the best ingredients typical of Piedmont’s tradition, with the very best chocolate, innovating and obtaining original products without equal. The utmost attention to detail and the extraordinary creativity that distinguish each Nutkao creation. 

The continuous search for the very best quality: from the rigorous selection of raw materials, to their expert transformation, combining an artisan spirit with modern production technologies.


Starting from an existing cream base – white, dark or with hazelnuts – it is possible to add pieces of fruit. Aromas can also be used to give the cream a more intense taste. The natural fruit taste characterises the cream, with a soft texture. These creams are ideal for the preparation of irresistible desserts.

The crispy character of the creams makes it possible to better appreciate the intense pistachio and hazelnut flavour. These creams are ideal for fillings and for variegation. The intense pleasure of the creams, combined with chopped hazelnuts or chopped pistachios creates an unforgettable taste experience.

The combination of the softness of the cream and the fragrance of biscuit bits makes the cream – characterised by a crispy texture – even more delicious.

The classic Nutkao cream is enriched with new flavors, thanks to our flavoured creams line. The sweetness of chocolate becomes the perfect complement to these delicious variations. Chocolate comes together with various flavours: mango, ginger, chilli, biscuits, maple syrup, orange, mint, coffee, coconut, strawberry and cinnamon, to create a cream characterised by a unique flavour and to offer an original taste experience. 

Nutkao creams with added ingredients, characterised by an intense taste and a creamy structure, have been designed to satisfy even the most demanding palates. Their particular and revitalising tastes make the creams ideal for creating fresh, delectable desserts.

Available variants: 

  • Coconut
  • Caramel
  • Coffee

The Sugar-Free line is based on the classic cocoa and hazelnut cream, but without added sugar. This line allows the consumer to choose the best product, without sacrificing the quality of the raw materials. For all consumers looking for a lighter lifestyle, without sacrificing taste. Available in: 

  • Cocoa and Hazelnut Creams
  • Protein-Rich Creams 
  • Vegan Creams
  • White Creams